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12th - 13th June 2021

For centuries women have been put in a category of weakness, of not being able to do or be something great, but it’s time to bring the light out and show the beauty behind each woman. At this Women’s event we want to recognize the importance of unity, because women were created  from the side of a man to be protected, and to be next to him; to shine, to rise, and bring light to the world.

Connect to like-hearted REAL women from across the globe!
Learn from like-hearted REAL women from across the globe!
Engage with like-hearted REAL women LIVE during this event!

At the Women’s Quantum Leap Forum, your hostesses will be Dr. Natalie Forest Ph.D., Lina Noland, and Goldy Locks.  You will have the opportunity to learn from and engage with REAL women who share their stories, their experiences, their challenges, and how they arrived where they are today and how they keep on shining and sharing.


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Our Hostesses

Dr. Natalie Forest, Ph.D.

Lina Noland

Goldy Locks

Hear From Experts In:

  • Purpose & Potential
  • Life and Life's Challenges
  • Marketing
  • Speaking
  • Business Startup
  • Media/PR
  • Team Building
  • Philanthropy
  • Authenticity and Confidence
  • Women who dare to share their REAL experiences!

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Our Speakers

Forbes Riley

Dame Doria Cordova

Sharon Lechter

Marie Diamond

Dr. Paula Fellingham

Colleen Biggs

Shea Vaughn

Shalini Vadhera

Erin Hernandez-Reisner

Sopheia McMorris

Leneé Cook-Braxton

Rachel Heslin

Dr. Melissa Balizan

Denise O'Malley

Lisa May

Laura Armstrong

Justine Pogroske

Helen Vandenberghe

Dr. Lydie Louis

Daniela DeCastro

Andree Funnell

Barbara Beckley

Jo Dee Baer

Michele Wilson

Patty Farmer

Dame Marcia Martin

Diana Lara

Nadene Joy

Carey Conley

Jennifer Kobuki

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